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Essential Tools to Boost Expansion & Profitability of Your Business

Running a small business in Nigeria is no mean feat. Outside political and economic challenges, businesses have inherent challenges that threaten survival and profitability. This guide covers essential tools that can be implemented to boost expansion and drive profitability in your small business. These are free or paid digital tools that enable you to work […]

How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Your Business Operations in Nigeria

Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) are taking the business world by storm. As a Nigerian business owner, you cannot afford to be left behind in applying AI to your business operations. Whether on mobile devices, office equipment, or factory machines, AI can be used to promote business operations for ambitious results. As a […]

How to Become the Next Social Media Sensation in Nigeria

It’s easier and more fun to make money on social media today. Social media platforms have implemented monetization models that pay content creators and general users for using their platforms. So you can make money while also becoming a social media sensation in Nigeria. Generating revenue and becoming a social media celebrity is the key […]

How to Get People to Invest In Your Nigerian Company

So, you want people to invest in your company? Getting people to invest in you as a Nigerian is not as difficult as you think. There is no doubt that people in the international community exercise due diligence when dealing with Nigerians, but this has not stopped international organizations from investing in Nigeria. You can […]

17 Proven Strategies for Growing a Small Business in Nigeria

Given the unfavourable economic situation in Nigeria, growing a small business is more difficult than ever. Successive governments are not making the economy ideal for business growth as well, so small businesses struggle to survive. Noting that less than 30% of new businesses grow through infancy to maturity, Nigerians have a lot to learn about […]

15 Reasons You Must Quit Your Day Job for a Personal Business

There are times when it makes perfect sense to quit your day job for a personal business. Although quitting your day job requires careful consideration, it might become very necessary under the circumstances outlined in this guide. This content covers 15 reasons why quitting your 8-5 job might be the best thing to happen to […]

17 Ways to Plug Financial Leakages & Save Money in Your Business

Hardworking people struggle financially when they can’t manage their personal finances. Likewise, small businesses struggle financially when managing business finances becomes a job in itself. For most individuals and businesses, plugging financial leakages might be all they need to succeed and not making more money. These 17 ways to plug financial leakages and save money […]

21 Entrepreneurial Lessons from the Life of Aliko Dangote

If you are in Africa but have never heard of Aliko Dangote, then you must have been living under a rock. Undoubtedly the richest man in Africa with a net worth exceeding $20 billion, the entrepreneurial legacies of Dangote are worthy of study. Anyone who seriously desires to reproduce the success streaks of Dangote in […]

11 Top Sources of Funding For Your Business in Nigeria

Businesses in Nigeria need operational funds to survive. Businesses thrive with funds and stagnate without funds. Although there is a paucity of funds everywhere, startups in Nigeria can still access business funds if they know where to look. These 11 top sources of funding for your business in Nigeria will enable you to raise business capital […]

7 Ultimate Reasons Bloggers in Nigeria Lose Money & What to Do

There is no doubt that you have spent tens of thousands of Naira on your blog. You have also spent so much energy and resources to make your blog profitable. And you have advanced it from an online space for posting daily journals to a niche-focused business platform. But you are not making any money […]